Kebab machine ( the Turkish registered Kebap Makinesi co. ) ,is a supplier of industrial kitchen with its accumulated experience, skilled labor, present external relations, upholds the mission of developing business in international markets. The company brings together the products of national and foreign food industry with a glance of value adds to customers.

Our range of products is growing day to day. At the moment we focus on grill and fire-pan plus products related to it. Automatic kebab machine in 3 models. Manual kebab machine in Home and Pro models.

The other machines which are available at the moment are:

  • Automatic Skewer washer
  • Automatic Skewer Kebab and Grill Machine without Skewer
  • Automatic Skewer Kebab Grill Machine

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Global Market

kebab machine Co. becomes a brand with name of quality in the world market and our aim is to deliver the best products and services to our customers all around the world. This is Kebab machine  global strategy.

High Quality

Being pioneer with unique solutions, environment-friendly, with efficient technological achievements and being well-known brand in the world  shows understanding quality. this will be always the main objective of Kebab machine

Fast delivery

Following a customer needs, kebab machine offers accurate and fast solutions. Standard products have a very fast delivery which come from our experienced expert sales team, strong organizational skills and robust logistics infrastructure are also big advantages.


Kebab machine Co. based in Turkey/Istanbul.We use this spot as an advantages to not just deliver the machines, we deliver technology plus experience of local chiefs. With our products you could be a master chief.

Top Selling Goods

Manual kebab skewer machine

Suitable for small restaurateurs and home users ( for Picnic & other outdoor activities)
Benchtop small and easily carryable

Automatic Skewer Kebab Machine

Spitting of Meat, from 75 gr to 220 gr
Thrusting Capacity, 12 Times a Minute (720 Times an Hour)

Automatic Skewer Washing Machine

Suitable for big restaurateurs and kebab houses , very ECO friendly machine. less water waste and cleaning result is perfect.

Activities At a Glance

Product Range More Than (Types)
Exportation to Countries
Customization capability
Guarantee period (Year)


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For English: +905538779974 

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