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KEBAB MACHINE (Kebap Makinesi)

Here you will find about us, KEBAB MACHINE (kebap makinesi) established in 2013 to produce industrial kitchen machines.

As of 2017, the Company accelerated its activities to establish systems and produce solutions for restaurants and food factories that produce kebabs in industrial kitchen machinery systems.

Thanks to team expertise, in the short term become a world brand and spread the prestige of Turkey kebab machines in the food service industry.

KEBAB machine (kebap makinesi) produces better understand out of traditional methods and mix it with innovative systems and provide smart solutions.

The good example of client base design are Automate UE3 version and Pro-manual kebab machines.

It is able to maintain the principles of continuity with the highest quality and unlimited service. Our success is drive from understanding the customer and adopting the principle of customer satisfaction. The key to success in this way is direct talk with clients.

Following a customer-oriented working strategy, KEBAB MACHINE (kebap makinesi) offers accurate and fast solutions to customer demands and expectations with its expert sales team, strong organizational skills and solid logistics infrastructure.

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KEBAB MACHINE (kebap makinesi) is subject to strict control with its quality management system and is focused on the complete solution of the needs of its customers. It is the main policy of establishing close and long-term relations of its customers and business partners and it continues its works with the understanding of innovation and improvement by knowing the importance of globalization in order to achieve success.

“Kebab machine Vision”

Our vision is set some goals with a glance of success project in the past and focus on the future.

This means the development of new products and services, investment in human resources, research and technology orientation. KEBAB MACHINE is the global growth strategy of KEBAB MACHINERY, with the aim of becoming the best known product and service to its customers in the world market.

KEBAB MACHINE will always be among the main targets of KEBAB MACHINERY, which aims to be a pioneer with its advantages, to be an environment friendly, customer-oriented and world brand with its technological notch and with an understanding of quality;

Furthermore, it is aware that no business can survive and succeed without valuable customers.

Therefore, it will continue to keep its customers above all else.

Our Birth

KEBAP MACHINE (kebap makinesi) established in 2013 to produce industrial kitchen machines.

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Our Team



Export Sales Representative

Irfan is a responsible for Turkish market. he also take care of Turkish speaking customer in the international section.
He is reachable via whats-app by the telephone No.:+90 5399299002



Export Sales Representative

Yigit is most active guy in our team. He is responsible for international English speaking customer.
He is available Via whats-app by the telephone No.: +90 553 877 9974



Export Sales Representative

Samir is our Arabic speaking Guy. He is also responsible of market development tasks.
He is available Via Whats-app by the telephone No.:+90 534 211 3987

Our Clients

Shawarma house

Shawarma house

One of our best customers in USA, CA uses the kebab machine.

You can access his website via this links.

imam ustanin yeri urfa ocakbasi

Urfa Ocakbaşi Imam Ustanin Yeri

One of our best customers in Germany, Duisburg they use Automatic kebab machine EU-3

You can access their facebook page this links.

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