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In Wikipedia the word kebab means “to roast,” which is what grilling is, properly speaking. Besides the familiar  Adana kebab which is whole roasted minced lamb which is stick over skewer. çoban kebabi a shepherd’s-style roast of meat stuck through a stick that is driven into the ground before an open-field fire. süt kebabi is meat parboiled or marinated in milk, then skewered and roasted.

“The variety of kebabs is seemingly endless.”

shish kebab is another skewered and roasted kebab with small pieces of meat. koyun kebabi is a whole lamb roasted in a covered pit. kabarma kebabi is a grilled spatchcocked fowl (split open at the belly, kept whole, and flattened with a mallet); kefenli kebabi is roast meat wrapped in a “shroud” of bread.



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