Automatic Kebab Machine – UE1

Automatic kebab machine-UE1

Automatic Kebab Machine is very easy to handle. the first and the last kebab are the same.
The power of the engine of this machine is 2Hp. If you need smaller one you can see Automatic kebab machine UE3.

As you know, different names are used for minced kebab such as Kabob Koobideh , Adena kebab and …

With the help of Automatic kebab machine UE1 you can make all kind of minced kebab
You can control the weight of products. Minced meat can be sticked on a skewer from 90 grams up to 200 grams. Machine has a counter on it. The quantity of the production is countable

Automatic kebab machine Feature

  • Spitting of Meat, from 75 gr. to 220 gr.
  • Thrusting Capacity, 12 Times a Minute (720 Times an Hour)
  • It prevents the awaiting of the meat in the spit so makes it remain fresher.
  • Mould Height, 39 cm
  • Meat Cauldron Capacity 10 kg
  • No need for qualified staff
  • Full compliance with food hygiene standards
  • Preparation of Machine, 3 minutes
  • The part having contact with the meat is made of stainless steel.
  • Find a use for the bottles with 2 cm of width.
  • Meter System
  • Display of Temperature Control.
  • Off Button in case of an emergency


Technical Features

  • Voltage 220 V.- Single Phase
  • Frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Engine Power 1 Hp
  • Weight 100 kg
  • Proportions: Length* Width* Height (82* 65* 72) Cm

Dimension and Performance:

Product Code Engine Power Production Performance Dimensions LxWxH(cm)
UE1 1Hp 720 Times / Per Hour (100x70x72) Cm
UE2 1Hp 720 Times / Per Hour (82x65x72) Cm
UE3 2Hp 720 Times / Per Hour (82x65x72) Cm


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